Algotrading is short for Algorithmic trading, one of many names for automated trading systems. These systems are powerful software programs, based on a mathematical algorithm which are used to automate the process of trading.

The software performs transactions according to a set of specific predefined rules. Using, statistical data and artificial machine learning to identify opportunities in the market, it triggers a trade with precise precision when ever the market conditions are right regardless of the time of day.


Algorithmic Trading?

Our flagship Automated Trading Software was developed in 2015 with the help of professional programmers, mathematicians, statisticians and seasoned financial experts. It is a complex algorithm built on over 20 years of statistical data. The software takes the live financial elements and components into consideration, calculates when the ideal moment to open and close trades is, and then executes transactions within split seconds to maximize potential profit in the Capital Market.

The entire trading process, beginning with acquiring the relevant information for a trade to analyzing the data, and then executing a specific transaction – is all processed within a matter of a millisecond, all thanks to the extreme precision of the software.



The key to ongoing profits are small transactions, spread out through a long term. ATM has never ended a month in loss in the past three plus years. We proudly remain with steady yields, and continuous revenue.



Part of what makes the system so innovative and unique is the fact that the software is completely automatic and self studies. We know the value of your time and energy, and therefore this system does the work for you. Besides for a simple account setup, everything afterwards is completely automated. All you have to do is sit back, watch our system work for you, and enjoy your profits.


Full Transparency

Our clients have complete access and control of their accounts at all times. You can see your account in real time, as well as a complete account history. This is available both on the go, through a smartphone app, as well as on the computer.